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Gymnasts in the competitive program are trained in flexibility, endurance, co-ordination, strength and apparatus techniques in preparation for competition. Competitive gymnasts are expected to register for the entire training season from September to June as well as the summer training camp in July & August. In addition to the time commitment, competitive gymnasts are responsible for additional expenses such as club uniform, costumes, apparatus, competition registration fees, travel and accommodations costs.



Our inter-club stream is for gymnasts who are just entering the competitive program or for gymnasts who want less time commitment. They train 9 hours a week with Ballet training included. Interclub gymnasts can compete as Individual, RG Groups and AGG. Inter-club gymnasts compete in in-house and local invitational competitions. These gymnasts can also participate in Canadian and World Gymnaestrada's.



Our provincial stream is for gymnasts with above average strength, flexibility and coordination. Gymnasts in the provincial stream train 14 hours per week with Ballet training included. Provincial gymnasts can compete in 3 categories: Individual, RG Groups and AGG. Provincial gymnasts compete at two provincial qualifiers to earn a spot at Ontario Provincial Championships. They also may compete at Eastern Regional Championships (if level permits) as well as in-house meets and local invitational competitions. Provincial gymnasts can also participate in Canadian and World Gymnaestrada's.



Aesthetic Group Gymnastics “AGG”  is different than rhythmic gymnastics through its big and continuous body movement and larger teams. Apparatus is not used in AGG competitions. Teamwork and unity are essential. Choreography using expressive interpretation of music through movements creates a story. An AGG routine consists of versatile and varied body movements, such as body waves and swings, balances and pivots, jumps and leaps, dance steps, and lifts. AGG is art, expression and feelings combined into a high level competitive sport. The sport requires physical qualities such as flexibility, balance, speed, strength, coordination and sense of rhythm where movements of the body are emphasized in the flow, expressive and aesthetic appeal.

AGG gymnasts compete at the provincial level with various opportunities to compete in national and international competitions. We offer short-program and full program routines based off gymnasts skills and abilities.

Our AGG program is affiliated with CAGG (Canadian Aesthetic Group Gymnastics) Federation.

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